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Single serving Nitramine samples now available, Myokem’s hit pre-workout free at Tiger Fitness

Myokem's pre-workout Nitramine available at Tiger Fitness

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on one of the latest additions to our top five pre-workout list, Myokem’s Nitramine. The place to go is still Tiger Fitness. The popular online retailer have recently been running a deal on the supplement, with purchases of the 30 serving formula getting a free Myokem tee. While that deal is still available, Tiger Fitness have now in fact got two more ways you can get a hold of Nitramine. The first is in a stack, which we feel is probably one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Combining our #1 recovery product Ronnie’s Resurrect PM, Protein Wars runner-up MTS Whey and Nitramine, all for $114.99. If however you were just looking for the pre-workout by itself, and a full tub is too much of a commitment. The only other way to get a hold of the supplement from Tiger Fitness, is with a sample packet. The store have just uploaded the option of a single serving sachet, and it is indeed free. So if you are interested, with a total of three ways to acquire Myokem’s Nitramine Tiger Fitness have something for every budget.

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