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Second Myokem supplement now available, Nitramine follow up Pyroxamine valued at $40

Myokem's second supplement Pyroxamine officially released through Tiger Fitness

As promised late last week on Sunday, Myokem have launched their second supplement and first fat burning formula Pyroxamine. The previously previewed and detailed product has officially arrived, and is now on sale at the place we said to watch, Tiger Fitness. The store currently have the supplement valued a little more than Myokem’s hit pre-workout Nitramine, with a price tag a cent under $40. Unfortunately Pyroxamine has not been released with any kind of introductory offer. Although seeing as Nitramine is still being run with it’s free tee promotion, there is a good chance Pyroxamine is in line for an offer of it’s own. If you are a bit skeptical about the product, even though the brand have yet to give us any reason to doubt them. It is worth mentioning that fans of the Myokem’s pre-workout should have no trouble relating to the new supplement. As it does feature an identical energy complex to that of Nitramine, with a handful of ingredients thrown in on top to add weight loss effects to the overall experience.

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