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Latest from Myokem expected sometime this week, Pyroxamine packing Nitramine hit with weight loss effects

Detailed look at Myokem's latest supplement Pyroxamine

As Myokem’s hit pre-workout Nitramine continues to grow it’s now well established strong reputation, going from store to store. The brand have been hard at work on their follow up formula, the weight loss supplement Pyroxamine. Previously the product was listed as coming soon, however Myokem have confirmed that Pyroxamine is now more than ready and due out this week. With the news has also come the supplement’s list of contents, revealing a rather interesting formula. What the brand have done for all their Nitramine fans, is incorporate half a scoop of their pre-workout’s high energy matrix. The product goes ingredient for ingredient, weighing in at exactly half Nitramine’s 482mg scoop, with a 241mg blend. Thrown in on top of the energy complex are five features to help Pyroxamine deliver it’s fat burning effects, carralluma fimbrata, olive leaf, bacopa monniera, evodiamine and a trademarked version of grains of paradise, Paradoxine. There is no word on serving size just yet, however based on the bottle’s 60 capsule total. The supplement is likely to have a two capsule maximum, giving it an energy hit equal to that of a single scoop of Nitramine. As well as offer it’s promised weight loss effects, with appetite suppression and accelerated fat burning. If you’re wanting to get your hands on Pyroxamine as soon as it lands, Tiger Fitness is the place to watch, and for a full look at Pyroxamine’s official facts panel read on below.

Myokem Pyroxamine facts panel
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