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Seventh MTS formula due to arrive next week, Lobliner reveals new test booster Barracuda

Lobliner announces seventh MTS Nutrition supplement Barracuda

Set to take Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition line to a total of seven, comes the natural testosterone and libido enhancer Barracuda. The face of Tiger Fitness has revealed his brand’s first new supplement since the two in one formula MTS Multi + Greens. At the moment details are a little short on product, with the ability to only guess a few ingredients based on the facts panel fraction previewed. Sitting at the top it does look like Barracuda will be starring d-aspartic acid. Followed by what looks to be l-carnitine, Macapure a form of maca extract, TestoSurge a trademarked version of fenugreek, and a couple other blurred out ingredients. There are a few out there who may not be strong believers in muscle builders like this. However we’ve seen far too many positive effects and results in Barracuda’s category to not be happy with MTS’s latest move. The supplement is of course flavored as per the blue raspberry image, keeping with the times and following in the footsteps of competitors like USP’s Test Powder and Beast’s Super Test. In the past Lobliner has shown off new supplements that generally take a while to hit shelves. Although in the case of Barracuda, MTS followers can actually look forward to seeing this one launch sometime next week.

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