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First look at Myokem muscle builders, Alphadex and Magnitropin officially previewed

First look at Myokem's new muscle builders Alphadex and Magnitropin

One of the few rising stars in the market at the moment Myokem, previously confirmed the coming of two new supplements, Alphadex and Magnitropin. The two products are expected to take the brand’s current lineup of two with Nitramine and Pyroxamine, to a new doubled total of four. While last week the Myokem kicked off their build up with the release of an ingredient for each of the supplements. This week we have our first eyes on look at the muscle building duo, showing off their consistently inconsistent Myokem colors. Neither of the preview pictures confirms any contents, although they do let us know just how many capsules each product will be carrying. As per the bottle Alphadex sits with 56 capsules and Magnitropin at 144, working out to be around two capsules a day for Alphadex if it’s a 28 day supply, and six a day for Magnitropin if it’s a 24 day supply. More information on both Myokem supplements is expected to be coming later this week, as the brand have said they will be revealing at least one ingredient for each of their new products every week.

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