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Myokem building up to July release, sneak peek at the contents of Alphadex and Magnitropin

Myokem reveal two ingredients from their upcoming duo Alphadex and Magnitropin

When Myokem updated their website last week they let loose one extremely exciting piece of information, which was that their two new supplements Alphadex and Magnitropin were only four weeks away. It also turns out that between now and then, the brand are going to be releasing contents details about each of the products once or twice a week. To kick things off Myokem have passed on one ingredient from Magnitropin gentiana lutea extract, that according to the brand is ‘used to help stimulate appetite in those who suffer from anorexia’. As for the feature from Alphadex we have brassaiopsis glomerulata extract, an ingredient Myokem are going to be the first ones to use a 20:1 extract of. We are expecting the brand to drop a bit more information this week with maybe images also in the mix. But definitely count on seeing more of Alphadex and Magnitropin as we build up to their launch, which is apparently going to be lead by a killer insider deal.

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