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Royal’s teased flavor turns out as expected, Charge and Siege getting raspberry lemonade

Royal Sport reveal raspberry lemonade Charge and Siege

Last week Royal Sport teased the coming of a fourth flavor for both the pre-workout Siege and the BCAA + SAA Charge. Inside the teaser image Royal included silhouettes of both a raspberry and a lemon, opening up the possibility of the new supplement tastes being involved with the mystery fruits. Our guess was the two would be put together for raspberry lemonade, which as it turns out is the combination flavor Royal were hinting at. Today the brand have officially confirmed that the upcoming option due to take both Siege and Charge’s menu to a total of four, is raspberry lemonade. The variant will not only join each product’s menu as taste number four, but also as the third flavor the two supplement’s share. Royal are currently teasing the variant as coming soon, and suggesting that for those interested in raspberry Siege or Charge keep a look out at your local GNC.

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