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Advanced iSatori BCAA now available, Amino-AMP launched in stores for around $23 a tub

iSatori's new amino formula Amino-AMP now available in stores

Just over one month ago iSatori introduced two new powder supplements. Amino-AMP their entry into the growing amino acid market, and iSa-Test DA3 the brand’s stackable muscle builder. This week most of the brand’s stockist have now started showing up with one of the two flavored formulas, the advanced BCAA powder Amino-AMP. The product has arrived in both of it’s previewed flavors grape and watermelon quencher, with a price right on par with it’s competitors at around 23 to $25. For those after more detail for their money, per tub the supplement packs 30 servings, each featuring 4.66g of BCAAs. The only thing inconsistently missing from the Amino-AMP availability is it’s second volume, as a number of iSatori retailers are listing the 30 serving without the trial size 7.

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