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Komodo’s pump product due in 10 days time, 6 piece formula confirmed the upcoming Vaskular

Komodo confirm the coming and contents of their pump product Vaskular

Komodo Nutraceuticals confirmed the coming of their next new supplement Vaskular just over a month ago, teasing the pump product as arriving soon. While we did expect a bit more information a little sooner than today, the brand’s latest update does make up for all the lost time. First up Komodo have released the facts panel for Vaskular, revealing a transparently dosed six ingredient formula listing 2g of citrulline, 2.5g arachadonic acid, 2.5 Hydra-Vask glycerol, 1g Agmapure agmatine, 200mg ascorbic and 100mg of grape seed extract. All together the contents build up to a scoop weight of 14.1g, with each full size tub packing a total of 25 servings. The other little detail that we are usually without at this point is the price of Komodo’s latest, which we do know is going to be $33.99, just a few bucks cheaper than the brand’s other complex supplements. To round out the update, Komodo have kindly given us a rough idea of when Vaskular will be available. Confirming the product as currently in production, and due out in roughly 10 days time.

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