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Phil Heath’s line now available at Tiger Fitness, Gifted Nutrition retail prices the same as direct

Gifted Nutrition now available at Tiger Fitness

Following yesterday’s confirmation email of our Gifted Nutrition Accelerate pre-order being shipped, Phil Heath’s supplement line has made it’s way into it’s first retailer. Back at the beginning of the month we posted about Tiger Fitness officially listing Gifted as a brand they would be stocking, along with prices for all four Gifted formulas. Now two weeks later the whole line has gone on sale at Tiger Fitness, making Accelerate, S3, Superlean and Iso Whey available to the store’s international audience. While it is all good news for loyal Gifted fans, it seems we were right to be concerned about the brand’s value. When Tiger Fitness first uploaded Gifted products, as mentioned they did so with prices. Initially we thought they might be temporary, unfortunately as it turns out the rather high costs have been kept the same. With a $39.99 pre-workout, $49.99 fat burner, $59.99 testosterone booster and a 34 serving isolate at $52.99. The prices should not only see Gifted have a hard time competing, but also ring a few bells with fans, as they are the exact same prices as what the brand charge direct.

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