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MTS Nutrition Whey flavors brushed aside, Machine Fuel due to get it’s third this week

Marc Lobliner introduces a third flavor for MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel

While Marc Lobliner’s banana MTS Nutrition Whey, and mystery flavor that apparently has never been done before, are still on the way. In the mean time the amino spiking leader has actually confirmed the coming of another flavor, for an entirely different supplement. The MTS product Lobliner has added to is the intra-workout formula Machine Fuel, the one fans will also know for it’s massive cost effective 95 serving tub. The taste joining the supplement’s current two options watermelon and grape, is another fruity variant in mixed berry. To help ensure fans get the new flavor to fit their stacking needs, it is being listed for both of it’s sizes, the regular 30 and aforementioned 95 serving. Lobliner has said the third Machine Fuel is due to arrive this week, so if you want to get it first keep your eyes on Tiger Fitness, the place that usually launches MTS supplements.

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