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Cherry bakewell misses out by 22%, PhD fans decide on chocolate peanut butter

PhD Nutrition's voting contest sees chocolate peanut butter beat out cherry bakewell

Over the past few months PhD Nutrition have been running a competition to figure out which flavor fans would prefer remain on Synergy-ISO-7 and Whey-HT+’s menu, chocolate peanut butter or the local recipe cherry bakewell. The two tastes were put together on a limited edition basis, made available direct from the brand’s website, and voted on by followers through Facebook. At the end of the contest PhD said one would get the ax, which has turned out to be cherry bakewell. The flavor confirmed as sticking around is chocolate peanut butter winning by quite a strong margin with voting going 61 to 39%. While the competition is over and the winner has been decided, both cherry bakewell and chocolate peanut butter can still be purchased direct from PhD. With in fact a buy one get one deal currently running on the limited edition 1kg Synergy and 900g Wheys.

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