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PhD Nutrition make use of contest flavors, Diet Whey gets 4 more flavors and another size

PhD Nutrition introduce seven new Diet Whey variants

Following PhD Nutrition’s lengthy flavor competition which saw the brand’s fans decide on chocolate peanut butter to be added to Synergy-ISO-7 and Whey-HT+’s menus. Both the winning and losing tastes from the contest have been added to another one PhD’s protein powders. The supplement is Diet Whey, with chocolate peanut butter and cherry bakewell actually be joined by one more new flavor in chocolate mint. Officially taking Diet Whey to a total of eight options. With now almost twice as many tastes available, fans are spoiled for choice, however there is one catch. The three flavors can only be found on Diet Whey’s 2kg menu, not it’s 1kg. With that said PhD have also introduced a third size for the supplement, seeing one of the new three, two of the old, and an exclusive new taste, come together for a half kilo Diet Whey. The not so cost effective more introductory volume, features a menu of cherry bakewell, banana, belgian chocolate and strawberry delight. In total today we’re looking at seven new variants from PhD, which for those eager to get hold of the latest from the brand, can all already be purchased from PhD’s direct store.

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