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Olympia debuted Raptor HP category confirmed, upcoming AST supplement a protein powder

AST confirm upcoming Raptor HP as protein powder

As AST continue to tease their upcoming supplement, more details or in this case detail, have come to light. The product previously previewed in a 2lb tub has been confirmed as exactly what we thought it would be. Raptor HP AST’s Olympia debuted supplement, is said to be some sort of protein powder. The brand haven’t released anything else outside of Raptor’s category, leaving it wide open for speculation. Nothing we’re about to say is official, especially since we are torn in to a few different directions on this one. AST have been teasing Raptor with the head of a cow, which for us could relate to the product either having milk protein as a major feature, or actually not at all. The supplement’s title doesn’t giveaway too much as Raptor to us relates to speed, and HP could be broken down to ‘high protein’ or even ‘high performance’. Until more information is leaked, we can’t go any further, which at the rate AST are going more details should be here within the next few days.

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