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Prices remain consistent with website, Gifted find their way into Muscle & Strength

Gifted Nutrition find their way into Muscle & Strength

While we may not have liked Gifted Nutrition’s pre-workout the brand are on the move, and spreading fast. With plenty more supplements on the way with the likes of Growtein and BYLT, it’s no surprise that they’re also finding their way into more locations. The latest store to pick up Gifted is none other than Muscle & Strength, the first major store since Tiger Fitness started stocking the line early last month. If you were like us and once again hoping for a different set of prices, the bad news is Gifted are keeping their value pretty consistent. Just as Tiger Fitness are listing the exact same prices as the brand have on their website, so are Muscle & Strength with the testosterone booster S3 at $59.99, ISO Whey at $52.99, the fat burner Superlean at $49.99, and Accelerate the cheapest at $39.99. With now two of the biggest on their list, Gifted are no doubt likely to land in a few others very soon, with either or GNC being the ones we’re looking out for and who can really establish the brand.

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