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Another Scitec supplement renamed, Herbal W-X turned back to Water Cut

Scitec return the name of another supplement Water Cut

Early last year Scitec Nutrition made a number of changes to their range of supplements, switching out a total of 29 different product’s names. Four formulas on that list were Ignix, GHR-X, C-X and the joint support J-X Complex, all of which have since been given their original titles back. Scitec have now returned another name to one of their supplements, with Herbal W-X taking back it’s much more self explanatory title Water Cut. As mentioned there were a total of 29 renamed products that we counted in January of 2013, leaving 24 still to be touched if the brand plan on changing everything back. For fans wondering if the formula has been edited, like the other four, Water Cut’s contents have remained the same with the title being the only thing different.

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