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AST Sport Science hydrolyzed beef protein Raptor HP finally detailed

Finer details for AST's new beef protein Raptor HP released

With still no word on the release of AST’s first new supplement in quite some time, we have managed to get a hold of the facts panel of the beef protein Raptor HP. As previously confirmed by the brand the product packs a total of 24g of protein with hydrolyzed beef isolate officially listed as it’s only source. Rounding out the label we then have 8g of carbohydrates (2g fiber), 1g of fat (half saturated) with a total of 140 calories. Also thrown in the mix is creatine monohydrate which AST have dosed at 2.5g per serving, working out to be the popular 5g when two scooping the protein. For those that like to hear it, the brand have kept Raptor’s other ingredients section amino free, with creatine being the only cause for concern, although as mentioned is said to be a separate dose to that of the protein. The supplement’s one flavor does still stands as the only option on Raptor’s menu in dark chocolate, as well as the 3lb tub size which we now know packs an exact total of 34 40g servings.

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