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Raptor HP turns out to be a beef protein, AST hoping to have their latest out in November

AST's Raptor HP confirmed as a beef protein powder

First and foremost please forgive us for the quality of the image above, as it is from AST Sports Science themselves. Regardless of it’s clarity as you can see, it does finally tell us a good chunk about what the brand’s new protein powder Raptor HP from this years Olympia Expo, is all about. The biggest fact we need to point out is obviously that the supplement is a beef protein powder, made up of as it’s label states, bioactive hydrolyzed beef peptides. The descriptive title and sub title are followed by a few highlights of AST’s Raptor, although we can’t quite make all of it out. Of the bits we can safely read and feel are important, the brand do breakdown the products mutli-stage peptide ratio, as well as mention that the protein is creatine enhanced. Other details in the picture include a tub weight of 3lbs, with just the one flavor shown off in dark chocolate. While we don’t have a full facts panel to confirm all of Raptor’s contents, we will in about a month or so as AST are hoping to get this one out in early November.

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