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Controlled Labs basic pre-workout STIMino launched with an appropriate price

Controlled Labs launch their basic pre-workout STIMino

Controlled Labs latest supplement, formula number seven for the brand’s Elements Series STIMino has been released. The product is the most complex release from Controlled as of late following the other Elements supplements CREAmore and CARNmore. While STIMino isn’t as straightforward as those two, it is of course simple enough to be included in the brand’s Elements Series. The product is basically a transparently dosed four ingredient formula made up of 2.5g of leucine, 1.5g betaine, 1g taurine and 125mg of caffeine. STIMino can of course be taken by itself as a pre-workout, although would probably go even nicer with other stackable supplements either missing those four features, or a different type of pre-workout such as pump or focus. The price that has been put on the basic product is $29.99, which at first does sound a bit expensive. Once however you look at STIMino as the 60 serving supplement that it is, you’ll realize that it is 30 fully dosed servings. When you compare that to other pre-workouts with 30 or 45 servings, two or three being their maximums, $30 actually doesn’t sound that bad.

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