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Magnitropin review makes it three top five supplements for Myokem

Myokem make a statement with the most top five placings after Magnitropin review

For those that follow along on social media, after yesterday’s review of Myokem’s awesomely powerful muscle builder Magnitropin, we confirmed that the supplement will be getting a spot on our top five list in it’s category. While it is very rare that we review these types of products, it’s only because they take quite some time to cycle through and create a good enough window to see results. Myokem’s Magnitropin is actually the first supplement we’ve given a go since crowning American Muscle’s Muscletest number one late last year. Fortunately for Muscletest Magnitropin doesn’t quite knock it off the top, but definitely comes close sliding in at second. As the year goes on it seems Myokem are beginning to make a bit of a statement as they are now the only brand with three top five supplements. The other two being the fat burner Pyroxamine at 4th and the unforgettable pre-workout Nitramine also in at 4th.

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