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A bit more information on Myokem’s upcoming mystery supplement

A bit more information on Myokem's upcoming supplement

Two weeks ago Myokem dropped the smallest of bombs, saying that they had at least one more new supplement in the tank for 2014. The news was made even more exciting when they said the product was going to be available sometime in November. Being arguably the biggest brand of the year, it only made sense that the teaser turn quite a few heads. Today we have a bit of an update, confirming that the upcoming Myokem supplement will see the brand enter a category they are not currently in. In our last post this was something we touched on, questioning the possibility of Myokem introducing another fat burner, pre-workout or muscle builder. We can now rule out those possibilities, which still leaves plenty of places for the brand to go. While we are all speculating at this point, we’re feeling a creatine, post-workout or going by trends, an amino cocktail. Myokem haven’t change their planned month of release, so we are still on for November putting the mystery product out in a minimum of 10 days or maximum of 40.

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