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Mobility confirmed as the 2nd of 3 upcoming Nimbus Nutrition supplements

Mobility confirmed as the second of three upcoming Nimbus Nutrition supplements

Last week Nimbus Nutrition passed on information for their next new supplement, which was confirmed to be a reformulated version of their sleep formula Abyss Unparalled. In that post we also talked about two other unknown products Nimbus have coming, both of which are going to see the brand enter categories they are not currently in. We have now got details on one of those two with the appropriately titled joint support formula Mobility. Nimbus are looking to dive into the rarely visited area by delivering a multi-effect performance highlighting joint, cartilage, tendon, and anti-inflammatory support. To go with it’s confident claims, the brand are also promising very competitive pricing for Mobility, which isn’t too much of a surprise seeing as the rest of their high end supplements can all be found below $25 a bottle. Unfortunately the wait on this one is expected to be quite some time, as Nimbus Nutrition’s fourth isn’t due to arrive until after the aforementioned updated Abyss.

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