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Mutated Nation reveal and release flavor #2 for Crack3d Xtreme crystal cola

Mutated Nation’s new pre-workout Crack3d Xtreme, which should probably win some kind of an award for it’s title, was unveiled and released around the time of the Olympia. It took us an extra week or two to finally got a hold of it’s facts panel, revealing a slightly disappointing formula that we didn’t feel should have been promoted as better than DMAA. Opinions aside, Crack3d is now out and about, with stores stocking just the one 30 serving size and one flavor, glacier watermelon. Mutated have confirmed that watermelon will soon no longer be lonely, revealing taste number two for Crack3d Xtreme. The option due to double the total amount of flavors on the supplement’s menu is crystal cola, a taste becoming more and more common in Australia. The brand are already saying the second Crack3d flavor is now available, and encouraging fans to stop by their local retailer to try it out.

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