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Good news and bad news for Myokem’s upcoming mystery supplement

Good news and bad news for Myokem's upcoming mystery supplement

As we move closer and closer to the arrival of the mystery Myokem supplement, which has attracted quite a bit of attention, we are getting more and more information. The latest from the brand behind the 2014 hit formulas Pyroxamine, Nitramine and Magnitropin, is bit of good news and a bit of bad news. We’ll get the bad news out of the way first, which is that the yet to be named product has been delayed. It was originally promised to be launched before the year is out, however that time frame has now been pushed back to sometime in January. As for the good news, Myokem have given us another clue about their fifth supplement. Last we heard the brand told us the product would see them head into a category they’re not currently in. It turns out the category the supplement belongs to is actually one Myokem feel has been fairly quiet for quite some time. The brand still aren’t willing to give us an exact type of product, although they did say the formula will feature an ingredient exclusive to them. A few categories come to mind, but it is joint that kind of sticks out to us seeing as it’s not one Myokem are in and it has been quiet for some time. While we are unfortunately now further away from the arrival of Myokem’s mystery supplement, we’ve at least got some more details. Kind of making up for the unexpected delay.

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