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The teasing continues as Myokem confirm the coming of 2 mystery supplements

The teasing continues as Myokem confirm the coming of two mystery supplements

If you haven’t noticed Myokem do enjoy being quite vague with their clues, and take pleasure in teasing upcoming supplements. The latest from the brand on their coming soon product sees them do it once again, dropping a few more vague hints. Initially we were told that at least one new supplement was on the way, Myokem however have now confirmed that there are going to be at least two. The one we last talked about is still set for January, and is apparently not going to enter an uncommon category. More or less bring something new to an overdone one. As for what has turned out to be a second product, the brand have said it will be a Magnitropin complimenting formula. By the sounds of things we weren’t lied to, just not given a lot of information. Confusion aside, things are definitely starting to heat up for the breakout brand and make a bit more sense. To add to the excitement, Myokem have also said from here on out they are going to be 100% transparent. That does presumably include the two supplements they have on the way, and possibly later down the road their current four, Nitramine, Pyroxamine, Magnitropin and Alphadex.

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