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Facts panel still no where to be seen as Mutated’s Albutarex V2 starts hitting stores

Facts panel still no where to be seen as Mutated's Albutarex V2 starts hitting stores

Despite Mutated Nation’s Albutarex V2 originally being pictured in a black tub with a red lid, a very different theme to that of the brand’s other supplements Crack3d and Anavadriol. It turns out that isn’t actually what the product looks like. As you can see in the image above Mutated’s latest has got the regular design, leaving us a little bit confused as to why the red one exists. The brand’s website does still feature the alternatively themed Albutarex V2, although with stores down in Australia now stocking the supplement, it is the black and gold that’s becoming more common. Unfortunately even though fans are able to pick up the updated Albutarex in stores, the product’s facts panel is still no where to be seen. This was the same story for Mutated’s last release the awesomely named pre-workout Crack3d, which later turned out to be a bit of a disappointment when we got a hold of its label. For those willing to take the risk on a supplement that has yet to share its contents. Albutarex V2 can be purchased from a few places down under such a Rock Hard, who currently have the product in stock with one flavor to choose from in frozen watermelon, and a price tag of $79.95 (AUD).

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