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Limited edition System 24 drops App Nut’s Fat Free stack to just $40

Limited edition System 24 drops App Nut's Fat Free stack to just $40

As we said earlier today it’s almost like a weekly thing now, where supplement companies update their websites giving current and future fans a much nicer place to visit online. Another brand that has joined the list following on from Champion is Applied Nutriceuticals, however their makeover has been overshadowed by a slightly more interesting development. Not only is App Nut’s site now a much nicer place to look at and look around, but there is also a new product from the brand now available. The set is called the System 24 Fat Burning Stack, a cost effective combination of App Nut’s two weight loss formulas, the regular Fat Free and the stimulant free nighttime variant Fat Free PM. The brand are only promoting System 24 as a limited time thing on sale through their website, although when you hear the price you’ll understand why it won’t be around for long. Direct the Fat Free duo would usually cost $79.98, or in and around $50 when purchased from a store. The System 24 box set beats both at $39.99, with no limit on how many you can buy. App Nut aren’t showing any signs of sending this one out to stockists, so if you are interested, based on the limited supply you might want to get in as soon as you can.