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Thermovate due to be App Nut’s 6th Innovation Series supplement not Drive Recomp

Thermovate due to be App Nut's 6th Innovation Series supplement not Drive Recomp

The two supplements still missing from Applied Nutriceuticals original Innovation Series teaser are NOvate and Drive Recomp. Since we first got the image the brand have slowly released Free Test XRT, HG4 Up, Fat Free and Fat Free PM, and even a Fat Free stack box set called System 24. We have of course had updates along the way on NOvate, one of them coming late last week giving us a few more details on the unique depth charge pre-workout. While App Nut fan’s attention is most likely still on NOvate, it seems Drive Recomp is slowly being forgotten about. As unfortunate as that is the brand are apparently not going to fall back on their promise of six Innovation Series products. It turns out App Nut do in fact have another supplement they’re currently lining up for the complex range of formulas, however it is not Drive Recomp. The name of the product that is said to be coming along with NOvate sometime in the next few weeks, is Thermovate. Based on the title we have to assume we’re looking at another fat burner from the brand, which does make things a lot more interesting as App Nut do already have a day time weight loss solution. Fat Free isn’t entirely stimulant free as it is missing caffeine but features rauwolfia, hinting at Thermovate being a full blown energizing thermogenic. More information is likely to come in soon especially since the supplement is as mentioned arrivng with NOvate, which compared to last week we are now six days closer to seeing.