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Facts panels for Applied Nutriceutical’s NOvate & ThermoVate released 3 weeks out

Facts panels for Applied Nutriceutical's NOvate & ThermoVate released 3 weeks out

Applied Nutriceuticals have unveiled the formulas behind their two upcoming Innovation Series supplements, the long awaited NOvate and the recently revealed ThermoVate. The last we heard on two was that they were due to arrive soon, so to help build that little bit more hype for the duo the brand have released their facts panels. Starting with the pre-workout of the two NOvate, App Nut have packed a total of nine main ingredients with highlights such as the classic inclusion of caffeine, the extended release PureEnergy caffeine and ElevATP. Moving on to ThermoVate, thanks to the latest lot information from the brand not only do we see what’s in the App Nut fat burner, but we also find out that it uses the same depth charge delivery system as NOvate. For those that missed our post from a few weeks back, the depth charge technology essentially packs a product’s contents into a tablet that you drop in a cup and it dissolves within one minute. As for the ingredients in the weight loss supplement, ThemoVate actually has quite a few things in common with NOvate. While all the features are organized slightly differently, of its eight, six are from the pre-workout suggesting the performance side of ThermoVate may be similar to NOvate, with the two fat burning ingredients being the two that really set it a part. For a closer look at each of the products formulas we’ve added their facts panels below, and have been told we’ll be seeing the two on sale in roughly three weeks time.