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Betancourt’s Trim X3 Complete resurfaces at Muscle & Strength

Betancourt's Trim X3 Complete resurfaces at Muscle & Strength

Back in January Betancourt Nutrition took down their online listing of the alternatively themed fat burner Trim X3 Complete. All we really knew about the supplement initially was that it promoted weight loss effects and listed three branded ingredients Slendesta potato protein, Capsimax capsicum and Advantra-Z, coincidentally matching the number in its title. While Trim X3 has still yet to find its way back online to Betancourt’s website, the product has actually now gone on sale at Muscle & Strength. The store have launched the 90 capsule supplement for $23.98, although its surprisingly low price isn’t all that’s come to light today. It turns out as much as Trim X3’s title suggested three branded features were all it had, the product packs a whole lot more than that. In total the fat burner lists 11 different ingredients all split up in to three proprietary blends, with the original three effects still promised appetite control, increased metabolism, as well as energy and thermogenesis. As mentioned Muscle & Strength is the first place to have the latest from Betancourt on sale, who are likely to be joined by other locations over the next few weeks.

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