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Amino like Recoil doubles Recon’s range from 2 months ago

Amino like Recoil doubles Recon's range from 2 months ago

As Hybrid Nutrition’s Hump Day giveaway ticks on in our competition section, news has come in from the brand’s sister company Recon Nutrition. Last year the military supporting brand rounded out 2015 with the same two supplements they started with, the pre-workout Ambush and the fat burner Thermonuke. So far this year Recon have already gone one better unveiling the individual ingredient formula ALCAR, and have now confirmed a second new item. The product that’s doubled the size of the brand’s range is called Recoil, one that literally gives nothing away in it’s preview. Looking at the supplement from the one and only angle we have, all we get is the title of the latest from Recon, and its mention of 30 servings. There is the line “battle tested performance”, however that’s something the brand have on every product. Without any hard evidence to go off we’re going to have to take a guess, which based on the bottle being used leaves us with the idea of an amino. An amino becomes even more likely when you compare Recon to its sister company Hybrid, as outside of a pump pre-workout an amino is the only other kind of supplement that Hybrid have and Recon don’t. The brand have not given any indication as to when Recoil will be launching, just that it has been finalized and is on its way.

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