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Craze V2 confirmed as Driven Sport’s sequel supplement

Craze V2

As suspected after seeing Driven Sport’s V2 teaser earlier in the week, the brand have today unveiled the sequel supplement we were all hoping for with Craze V2. The legendary pre-workout follow up has been shown off in two flavors cherry bomb and fruit punch, along with its tub weight of 300g or 295g for fruit punch. All the interesting information has of course been left out, with no indication as to how many servings will be each tub of Craze V2 or what ingredients will be making up each of those servings. If we are to use the brand’s classic 45 servings as an example each serving should work out to around 6.6g, not giving too much of anything away but certainly suggesting we’re not looking at a heavy scoop Pre Jym, PreCre or Outlift type formula. As little detail as Driven Sports have given for Craze V2’s contents, they have released a lot more information about its availability. Much like the brand did when they dropped their last pre-workout Frenzy, they have once again teamed up with the UK distributor Predator Nutrition for the launch of their latest. According to Driven Sport’s announcement Craze V2 will be exclusive to Predator with a worldwide release coming very soon, although unfortunately no direct confirmation of the highly anticipated product coming to the US.

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