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Mystery PhD supplement turns out to be the joint formula Reinforce

PhD Nutrition Reinforce

Earlier in the week UK’s PhD Nutrition started teasing the coming of a new supplement, dropping an image of a red and white capsule. Usually that combination of colors means some kind of weight loss formula, although as it turns out the brand have in fact put together a joint support formula. The official title of the product is Reinforce, a combination of six different main ingredients. PhD have packed the supplement with three of the more commonly seen features in a joint type product, listing per serving 810mg of chondroitin, 225mg MSM and 1.125g of glucosamine. The other three transparently dosed ingredients in Reinforce are 1.2g of rosehip, 75mg olive leaf and 7.5mg of hyaluronic acid. Like every new supplement from PhD, the UK company don’t mess around and have already put their latest innovation on sale through their own website. It is there where you can now grab the appropriately named product for £19.99, or a few bucks cheaper if you want to buy one or two more bottles. Being a three capsule serving supplement, your investment will see your joints taken care of for exactly 30 days, which is just the right amount of time to see how effective PhD’s new Reinforce really is.

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