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Controlled Labs White Rapids flavor and sizes confirmed

controlled labs white rapids

Late last week Controlled Labs dropped a bomb on their fans confirming the coming of an entirely new pre-workout. The information on the supplement was spread so quickly we had to update our post once or twice, where we were able to upload the facts panel for the product. One of the things we over looked for Controlled Labs White Rapids was its options, which we can now confirm. While the supplement may have trouble exciting pre-workout addicts after more than 150mg of caffeine, the brand’s range of tastes should have no trouble. In total Controlled Labs White Rapids is due to arrive in three flavors, two directly from its predecessor White Flood Reborn, and the other also from White Flood but with a slightly different name. The duo White Flood fans will recognize are furious fruit punch and electric lemonade. As for the third tropical pineapple, White Flood does have a taste called white pineapple which we feel is probably very similar. Lastly we have Controlled Labs White Rapids two tub sizes, the largest being the 50 serving and once again like White Flood, a trial tub packing 10 servings. Assuming nothing has changed we can still go by the brand’s launch promise of two weeks from last Friday, putting the new Controlled Labs White Rapids on shelves next week or the one after.

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