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Craze V2 featuring one proprietary led by creatine monohydrate

craze v2

The moment we’ve all been waiting for since first hearing about the new Driven Sports Craze V2 is here. The facts panel behind the brand’s highly anticipated sequel has arrived and unfortunately it’s not as impressive as we had hoped. While we can’t of course give a final opinion until we actually try the supplement, we won’t be surprised if fans aren’t overly excited about the ingredients. The thing is it’s not that the formula isn’t going to be effective, just that being such a controversial pre-workout we were hoping for something with a little more shock. Firstly Craze V2’s contents are all wrapped up in a single proprietary, something that is slowly becoming somewhat of a rarity. Moving on into the blend the product packs 11 different features, with the first one being creatine monohydrate. Since the heaviest ingredient is always listed first, it’s times like these where transparency comes in handy.

Following on from the creatine we then have betaine, tyrosine, citrulline, choline, greater galangal, little clubmoss, caffeine, green coffee bean and velvet bean extract. The total weight of the blend comes in at 4.75g, of which there is a two scoop maximum giving all those contents a total of 9.5g. The main reason Driven Sport’s Craze V2 formula has been unveiled today is because it has in fact gone on sale through its exclusive UK distributor, Predator Nutrition. The store have also launched the supplement with a handful of deals, something you are going to need seeing as its regular price is £57.99. The savings are small but they are savings, where if you purchase two tubs you will save £2 each. If you grab Craze V2 with Splyce you’ll get a free shaker and if you purchase the pre-workout bundle of Craze V2 and Frenzy you’ll for some reason be paying more at £102.99.

As always we have added the facts panel of Driven Sport’s new Craze V2 down below, although if you do decide to purchase the product you will also see it on Predator’s website.

Driven Sports Craze V2 facts panel

craze v2 facts panel

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