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Jumbo Hardcore set to join Scitec’s long list of mass gainers

jumbo hardcore

From the four piece Head Crusher Series to the new Omega-3 for the WOD Crusher line, Scitec Nutrition are now looking to expand in yet another direction. After what has been a very strong start to the year for the European brand, Scitec’s next area of interest is the mass gainer market. At the moment the brand do already have the category pretty well covered with products such as Jumbo and Jumbo Professional, 100% Beef Muscle, Volumass, Myomax and the Muscle Army formula tank. With such a strong line up it’s no surprise Scitec’s next mass gainer is going to be a spin off of a current supplement instead of an entirely new innovation, with Jumbo Hardcore. While we don’t have a label for Jumbo Hardcore, looking at the contents of the other Jumbos and highlights for Hardcore we can get a bit of an idea about how this one will be different. The protein and carbohydrates we can only imagine will have their own unique balance with the same thing to be said about its blends, something Scitec Jumbos always have a lot of. As per the front of Jumbo Hardcore you can see the product will feature 7 extra proprietaries, one of those being a creatine combination which will include “the most concentrated creatine in the world”. We are of course going to need a lot more information on this before we can say exactly what separates Jumbo Hardcore from the regular and Jumbo Professional. However based on what we’ve seen so far it looks like macros, blends and bio-active ingredients will be what sets Jumbo Hardcore apart from its two older brothers.

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