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Body War Lean Tea the same price as Green Tea X50 with 4 extra servings

body war lean tea

We’ve seen a lot of call outs lately from both big and small name supplement companies. Black Skull boldly went head to head with MuscleMeds then Optimum, earlier this week MAN named their #1 PepTest Bulk competitor, and lastly the battle we’ve got more on today, Body War’s Lean Tea Vs. Green Tea X50. It was last week that the Australian company Body War came out and named their opponent, releasing a comparison chart highlighting all the things the popular Green Tea X50 doesn’t have. The latest from down under on the brand’s upcoming Lean Tea is that fans can now pre-order the product. It is because of this pre-order opportunity that we know fans won’t be spending any extra to go for the more complex Body War Lean Tea over Green Tea X50. It turns out Lean Tea will cost exactly the same, or at least that is the case at Rock Hard Supplements who have the product valued at $59.95 for 64 servings. With a more packed out formula and now the price point advantage, Body War have really done all they can to convince consumers. All battles aside, if green tea and a few more weight loss ingredients definitely sounds like you or you’re just a Body War fan. Be sure to head on over to Rock Hard and pre-order Lean Tea, with all three flavors to choose from and shipping set to take place May 30th.

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