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Olympus LJ100 introduced as the brand’s first insider release

olympus lj100

On Thursday news came in about Olympus Labs’ new demigod group, which is their own insider subscription list. The idea is similar to the likes of USP’s Inner Circle, MAN’s 1%ers and PEScience’s Insider club. All you do is sign up and when Olympus launch a new supplement, have a sale or something else worth mentioning they email out the details to everyone who has signed up. As we said on Thursday the brand’s first demigod release kicked it all off yesterday with the introduction of a brand new product. We now know that the supplement unveiled and put on sale was Olympus LJ100. The item is an individual ingredient formula packing 100mg of the patented tongkat ali extract which the product is in fact named after. Being a demigod launched supplement you know Olympus LJ100 has come at a good price, with each bottle of the individual costing $24.99. Initially when you visit the brand’s website you will see $47.99, however to drop it to the introductory $24.99 simply enter the insider coupon “LJ100”. Lastly on Thursday we did mention that Olympus Labs would be giving away a free product with the first 30 bottles of their new supplement sold. That freebie has been confirmed as the brand’s creatine Vitality, although being a day after release we don’t know if any of the 30 freebies are left so don’t count on it if you end up ordering.

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