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Less than 4 month old Wartropin gets reformulated and reflavored


As the launch of their new Green Tea X50 competitor Lean Tea nears, Australian brand Body War Nutrition have announced another new supplement they’ve got on the way. When we say new we actually mean more like a reformulation as the product we’re talking about is an updated version of the recently released Wartropin. For those that missed it, Wartropin is Body War’s flavored nighttime formula designed to help with recovery and of course sleep. While the supplement isn’t even four months old, the brand have decided to add a bit more to it. The two main areas that have been modified are contents and flavor due to Body War wanting to improve the taste and effects of Wartropin. Basically the brand have bumped the product’s serving size up from 8.6 to 11.5g, switched the order of a few of its blend ingredients around and changed the flavor from pineapple crush to midnight apple. You can check out the two Wartropin labels side by side to see the difference below, and expect to see Body War’s original replaced by the upgrade in roughly five to six weeks time.

Body War Wartropin label old/new


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