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App Nut Sports Series supplements getting Innovation Series rebrand

app nut sports series

You may have noticed since the introduction of Applied Nutraceuticals new Innovation Series, are more specifically their two Depth Charge formulas NOvate and ThermoVate. The brand have been slowly applying the Innovation Series theme to a number of other supplements. If you visit the brand’s website now you will notice pretty much everything in what they’re calling the App Nut Sports Series has been altered. Some of the products that fall under that banner include Black Cats, Beta-Test, Uncut, Lipo AM and NO Uptake.

Of all the supplements in the Sports Series it appears only four have made the transition to the updated branding, Beta-Test, Drive, NeoVar and RPM. The lack of rebranding or at least lack of updated images on App Nut’s website could suggest those yet to make the leap, may not actually be going to. Usually brands do upload an all new look at the same, which does leave you wondering about the App Nut Sports Series. Regardless of Whether the remaining products get the rebrand or disappear, fans of App Nut can look forward to a more consistent appearance with the exception of course of the white and yellow Pure Series.