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Cardio Rush the new Royal Sport pre-cardio supplement

cardio rush

Royal Sport have today unveiled and detailed two new additions to their line, Cardio Rush and Royal Sport Castle. In this post we will be covering the fat burning formula of the two Cardio Rush, although you can find more on Royal Sport Castle in its own post. Of course with a name like Cardio Rush you can pretty much guess what the supplement is about. Just like Cardio Burn from Top Secret Nutrition, Royal’s Cardio Rush is a flavored pre-cardio product. It is designed to give you the energy you need as well as a few more things.

Looking at Cardio Rush’s label, the supplement is divided up into two proprietary blends, one for energy and the other for what Royal call toning. The energy blend features some interesting ingredients, although weighing in at 1.625g you do have to wonder what each of its doses are. The blend is led by arginine, followed by tyrosine, ALCAR, caffeine, theobromine, agmatine, amla fruit and rauwolfia. As exciting as it usually is to see agmatine, with it sitting two steps below caffeine at 200mg, as mentioned you do have to wonder about its dose.

Moving on to Cardio Rush’s toning blend we see a lot less in terms of total amount of features, with the 1.18g proprietary listing just four. The slightly lighter blend is led by carnitine tartrate, then on to garcinia cambogia, green tea and lastly black tea. All together both of the product’s proprietary blends promise to help with energy, metabolism and fire up fat loss. Neither Royal Sport Castle or Cardio Rush have been released just revealed for today, although when Cardio Rush does arrive you can look forward to two 45 serving flavors, fruit punch and blue raspberry.

Royal Sport Cardio Rush

cardio rush

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