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Royal Sport Castle uses Cellucor C4 Mass like strategy

royal sport castle

Making up the second half of the two new Royal supplements revealed today is Royal Sport Castle. Much like the other new product Cardio Rush, Royal Sport Castle has been put together with energy as one of its main highlights. It does however further separate itself from Cardio Rush as instead of being a pre-cardio formula, it is a full blow pre-workout formula. Most Royal fans will know the brand do already have a competitor in that category, with a supplement called Siege. By the looks of things Castle is not going to replace Siege, as it is more of a Cellucor C4 Mass like spin-off.

It should come as no surprise that you can see a bit of Cellucor’s pre-workout strategy in the new Royal Sport Castle. The same team is of course behind both product lines, with the strategy we’re talking about being the use of carbohydrates. Just like Cellucor’s C4 Mass compared to the regular C4, the biggest difference between Royal’s original Siege and the upcoming Castle is that it features carbohydrates, which in this case is 10g worth. Other ingredients that have been used to bulk up Royal Sport Castle’s servings include creatine monohydrate and beta-alanine, two things Siege surprisingly didn’t have.

There is obviously an energy blend in Castle, which brings together a bit of everything. As seen in Cardio Rush, Royal Sport Castle features caffeine at 200mg, amla fruit extract and rauwolfia. It also includes n-acetyl-l-tyrosine and yohimbe, pushing the total weight of the supplement’s energy blend up to 398mg. For now both Cardio Rush and Royal Sport Castle are only listed as coming soon, with no exact word on when they’ll arrive. Although like Cardio Rush Castle will be coming in two flavors, fruit punch and blue raspberry.

Royal Sport Castle

royal sport castle

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