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Kaged Muscle intra-workout InKaged launched for less than $27


Kris Gethin fans waiting to get their hands on one of Kaged Muscle’s new complex supplements, finally have the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. In total there are three previously previewed Kaged products on the way with the pre-workout PreKaged, intra-workout InKaged and the post-workout formula ReKaged. Out of the three the pre-workout is the one we’ve been waiting to see more on purely because details on InKaged and ReKaged have already been released. Unfortunately the supplement we want to see is not first out of the gate, as Kris Gethin has just launched his intra-workout InKaged.

While we were expecting to see the first complex Kaged product at before anywhere else, surprisingly it is Gethin’s official Kaged Muscle website that is first to market. Before you start thinking Inkaged is going to cost a fortune due to it being available straight from the brand, you might actually want to check out the supplement’s launch price. For a full size 20 serving tub of the intra-workout you will only need $26.97, a whole lot less than what we expected even if it were coming from We will of course need to wait for the arrival of PreKaged and ReKaged, however if InKaged is anything to go by Kris Gethin’s pre and post-workout formulas could end up being quite competitive in their respective categories.

Update: have also actually now launched Kaged Muscle’s InKaged, although for just a little more at $27.51

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