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MTS Carnitine makes it 2 basics for Lobliner within a month

mts carnitine

A few weeks ago Marc Lobliner launched his very first single ingredient MTS Nutrition supplement with Yohimbine HCl. The product would have been quite an easy transition for fans purely because MTS Yohimbine is identical to Ethitech Yohimbine, Marc’s other, much simpler brand. A second basic MTS Nutrition supplement has now been released, although unlike Yohimbine this one isn’t from Ethitech’s line up.

The latest from Marc Lobliner is MTS Carnitine, and as you can see in the picture above it is a premixed flavored carnitine. Despite the product already being on sale at Tiger Fitness, its label has yet to be added, meaning we can’t confirm its exact ingredients or how many servings it has. We can see that MTS Carnitine is Blue Raspberry flavored and has a price tag of $13.99, so if it does have 30 or more servings and a good carnitine dose it is right inline with its competitors.

With two basics launched within a month it does look like MTS is growing their white and red line, creating a bit of an essentials series although at the moment it does only have fat burning basics.

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