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Pre-workout Pre-Kaged finally ready after 28 months of testing


If you’re a bit like us you’ll be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kris Gethin’s third complex Kaged Muscle supplement, the pre-workout Pre-Kaged. His intra-workout formula In-Kaged is already available through the brand’s official website as well as, with the post-workout Re-Kaged listed and ready for release also at We do know that means there is probably still a bit of time before we see Pre-Kaged, as it looks like Re-Kaged will be coming before the pre-workout.

With all that said Kris Gethin has just dropped an update on the green themed product saying that Pre-Kaged has arrived at his warehouse. While we still don’t know anything about the supplement, if you’ve seen either or both In-Kaged and Re-Kaged, you’ll know Pre-Kaged is going to be at the very least interesting. What’s more is that Kris Gethin has said his performance formula has been in the works for 28 months, making us even more interested to see what’s inside the highly anticipated product.

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