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Ceuticore BRN promising almost every effect for a fat burner

ceuticore brn

Ceuticore Nutrition, the originally three supplement brand recently announced that they had two new products on the way. Both were mystery formulas as Ceuticore only really confirmed one thing and that was that the two are capsule supplements. Our guess for at least one of them was a fat burner and as it turns out we were spot on. This week the brand has unveiled their fourth product with the weight loss solution Ceuticore BRN.

Like almost all of the brand’s other supplements BRN, which we’re sure is a play on the word burn, is 100% transparently dosed. In total the product packs eight different ingredients, most of which are all familiar fat burning features. Some of the most common used ingredients are carnitine at 1.5g, green tea, 160mg of caffeine, evodiamine and ashwagandha. All together Ceuticore BRN promises a large range of weight loss effects including the usual thermogenesis, energy, mood enhancement, as well as focus, increased metabolism, and stress and cortisol support.

The latest from Ceuticore has gone straight from reveal to release this week as the brand has already added it to their official website. While it is likely to be cheaper in stores, if you want to be one of the first to try Ceuticore BRN it will cost you $49.99 direct from the brand or a little bit less if you get it in one of their stacks.

Ceuticore BRN

ceuticore brn

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