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Machine Whey finally gets a 2lb although it is 35% more expensive

machine whey

Ever since MTS Nutrition’s award-winning protein powder Machine Whey was released, it was only available in the one size. While most of the time when a protein powder is released in one size it is a 2lb, however in the case of Machine Whey previously its only option was a 5lb. We say previously as today Marc Lobliner has launched a second size for his MTS supplement, finally adding the smaller 2lb tub.

The first place to stock what is actually the brand’s eighth new product in about three weeks is of course Tiger Fitness, who has the 2lb Machine Whey priced at $29.99. The 24 serving obviously isn’t as cost-effective as the original 5lb being over 35% more expensive per serving, however there is also another catch.

While the 5lb Machine Whey is currently available in 12 flavors, the 2lb has only got two in Creamy Red Velvet Cake and Gourmet Cookies & Cream. The limited menu won’t be a problem for those interested in the two, but if you’re after any of the other 10 flavors the 5lb is still all you have.

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