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Dynamik Muscle revealing a fifth supplement very soon

dynamik muscle

While Kai Greene not competing at the 2015 Mr. Olympia this weekend in Las Vegas, has been the talk of the town. Today it seems things are going exactly the way the Predator said they would in his emotional announcement, bigger and better. Basically despite Kai Greene’s brand Dynamik Muscle originally saying it had four supplements planned, a fifth formula has in fact been confirmed as on the way.

As you’d expect we don’t really know anything about Dynamik Muscle’s next product, just that there is one. Previously we did take a guess at what the brand’s four supplements could turn out to be, going with a pre-workout, fat burner, amino cocktail and a protein powder. Of those four, two of them were correct leaving out amino and protein. Now that there is a fifth product in the picture we are going to stick with those two remaining guesses, as we can’t imagine Dynamik going in any other directions.

Regardless of whether we’re in for an amino formula or protein powder, after seeing Dynamik Muscle’s first four supplements we’re more than interested in seeing how the fifth one turns out. Fortunately the wait for more information isn’t going to be long as the product that’s apparently good enough to be launched separate from all the others, is expected to be revealed before the month is out.

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