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Eviscerate not your common combination of fat burning ingredients


While it was only just a few hours ago that we got word on Kai Greene and Dynamik Muscle’s fourth supplement Eviscerate, the label for the fat burner has now been released. We did expect the brand’s weight loss solution to be a lot like the other Dynamik products, featuring a straightforward combination of common ingredients. As it turns out that is not actually the case, as Eviscerate packs something quite a bit different from the traditional, caffeine, yohimbe and green coffee bean.

In total the fourth Dynamik Muscle supplement lists eight ingredients, half of which you’ll be more than familiar with. The most known features making up Eviscerate are 30mg of synephrine, 600mg naringin, 50mg grains of paradise, and of course the always included caffeine dosed at 250mg per two capsule serving. As for the remaining four ingredients in Eviscerate you have AcroFuel acrecoline hydrobormide, also seen in the Dynamik pre-workout Savage Roar, and the other three zingerone, stearoyl vanillylamide and capsaicin, all wrapped up in the product’s 100mg Thermo V blend. Eviscerate’s combination of eight promises all the classic fat burning effects with increased energy, “face melting” thermogenesis and overall weight loss.

Despite Eviscerate not being as straightforward or somewhat predictable as the rest of Dynamik Muscle, it will of course be launching alongside Savage Roar, Gamma-Ray and Warbringer later this month. While we don’t know exactly where the supplements will be going on sale yet, the brand’s website will be the most likely place at

Dynamik Muscle Eviscerate


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