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Summary of the 2015 Olympia Expo live coverage


If you weren’t following our website over the weekend or aren’t following us on social media, we were doing our annual live coverage of the 2015 Olympia Expo. We did our best to post on all the big booths straight from the Las Vegas Convention Center, and bring you news on all the latest supplements. In total we managed to put together 40 posts, which weren’t all on different brands as we did find ourselves doubling up on some. You can check out the full list in our live coverage section or below where we’ve got all 40 posts linked and listed by their headlines.

Neon colored shaker getting all the attention at 4D’s Olympia booth
6 Pack introduce the IAm Athlete Kids and Contender backpacks
Amazon put together a different kind of booth for the Olympia
Plenty more Animal Whey flavors coming soon
Beast launches 4 new pieces of apparel all with the same design
Tropical Pineapple and Strawberry Dragonfruit confirmed for AminoX
AminoX RTD a little different with added electrolytes
Black Skull bring more than what’s at to the Olympia
BPI Sports’ booth always one of the best dressed
C4 RTD renamed C4 On-The-Go and decreased in strength
Cytosport makes use of its Monster Arnold Classic booth
Dynamik’s fifth is going to be a beef protein powder
EVL confirms one reformulation and two entirely new products
No sign of Gaspari’s reformulated Plasmajet at the Olympia
GAT PMP versions separated by just 325mg of caffeine
Amino GT featuring HICA and betaine, as well as aminos and green tea
1316 Whey combines protein powder and immune support
BYLT turns out to be Gifted Nutrition’s intra-workout formula
Introducing the Kickstarted Hiit Bottle and its stainless steel shaker
CT Fletcher’s ISYMFS center stage at iSatori’s Olympia booth
CT Fletcher’s Rapid-Test officially launched at the Olympia
Isolator Fitness shows off its growth at the Olympia
Nothing new from MHP, but as always great deals
Muscle Sport’s all new Rhino Black looks even better up close
MusclePharm gives the 2015 Olympia Expo a miss
Muscletech Nitro-Tech Power one of three new Nitro-Techs coming soon
Muscletech’s Whey + Greens does explain everything in its name
Amino Build Next Gen Energized Muscletech’s surprise twist
Mission 1 puts Muscletech back in the protein bar game
NLA For Her introduces its three supplement chewable line
Chance to grab flying money with Nutrex at the Olympia Expo
Introducing Perfect Shaker and its all new Hero Series
SST Glow basically SST but with Lipowheat, primrose and less caffeine
Con-Cret Challenge back again at Promera’s Olympia booth
Rebranded Ronnie Coleman Signature Series makes it to the Olympia
Run Everything Labs’ line discounted by more than 30% at the Olympia
Updated Neon Yellow SmartShake definitely a lot brighter
Australian brand Tribeca shows up at the Olympia with Green Tea X50
Ultimate Nutrition back again as the Mr. Olympia title sponsor
Redline Master Blaster officially unveiled at the Olympia

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